Policies & Payment

(Project-to-Project)   or   (Long-Term Contract)

“Long-Term Contracts”
($ Price is based on the contract details, the hourly rate is lower than Project-based)
Long-Term Contracts are the way to go if you need us for an extended period of time. If your in need of an Executive or Personal Assistant, Office Manager, Administrative Process Management, Event Planning, etc.  

($40.00 Hourly rate for Project-based)
Project to Project is a great fit if only need us for a few things and/ or for a short period of time.  If your in need of Invitations, Forms, Business Cards, Banners, Flyers, etc.

Getting Started 

  1. Fill out a Project Request/Quote Form (Electronic or Email Form).
  2. You will be contacted via email or phone to discuss the project details.
  3. Sign your Letter of Agreement and pay the down payment.
  4. Let’s get started!

Invoicing and Payment

After your project has been completed…

  1. You’ll be sent a link to your invoice.
  2. Pay invoice online or send a check to the address below:

5353 Cleveland Ave.
Columbus, OH 43231

(We accept all major credit cards – PayPal, and Square Cash)

Payment for Services

Project-to-Project (Pay the amount stated on your "Letter of Agreement"


Thank you for considering us for your special project!

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